American Building Technologies Inc based in Rockford Illinois, a subsidiary of the UAE based Multi National group Mulk Holdings, has successfully tested an innovative Solar Collector Panel named the “Alubond Solar Collector Mirror”

The U.S. Patented Solar collector Panel is an important technology breakthrough that improves efficiency and lowers production costs of solar energy globally. Coventional Solar Troughs used in Solar generation are either in glass mirrors weighing over 12.5 kgs per m² or single skin aluminium with a high reflective laminated film requiring heavy support structures and numerous riveting reducing the efficiency of the troughs. Alubond SCM is a 3 mm composite weighing approx 3 kgs per m² with a 92% reflectivity and offering a 20 years exterior performance warranty. The products ability to retain a parabolic shape to precise coordinates and its light weight features and its innovative rivetless joining process substantially reduces the substructure costs.

This panel was designed by ABTI Managing Partner Khurram Nawab and developed in the UAE R&D facilities of Alubond. The company added yet another feather to its cap, when the patented Solar Collector Mirror were tested and chosen for over 200 Million USD solar energy generation plant project in New Mexico City USA. The Solar Trough system is expected to lower current costs of solar generation (using Photo Voltaic technology) by more than 50 %.

The 25 MW project was approved by a private energy firm based in Texas, for generating solar energy using Alubond Solar collectors. The first phase will involve ABTI supplying 1.75 million Sq. Feet of its solar collector panels from its Rockford and U.A.E Production base. Besides the panels themselves, ABTI will also supply 14000 ‘ribs’ or support structures, to aid in conversion and storage of the heat energy derived from the sun, which is then transformed into electricity.

Negotiations are also on for another 250 MW Solar Trough Project which will require an additional 17.5 million square feet of Alubond Solar Collector Mirrors which will be supplied from both the Rockford USA and UAE production bases.

Marking the occasion, Mr. Khurram Nawab of ABTI, said “This is a great achievement for both our Middle Eastern and American offices. Our solar collector panels were chosen on the basis of the highest solar to electricity conversion efficiency, the ability to retain the Parabola shape without extensive support frame work (critical in reflecting solar light to the focal point besides reducing the cost of the Trough system), the robust after sales support mechanisms that we offer our clients and the most comprehensive warranty coverage for a solar panel. We also hope that the success of this project will lead to an upsurge in the development of more solar energy plants, which will not only lessen the strain on existing energy resources, but also severely reduce the pollution levels that are currently witnessed in power generation.”

He also hoped that the second phase of the project, scheduled to go ‘live’ in December 2009, would have great implications for the Gulf region and the Middle East energy requirements.

Recent studies have shown that the Middle East enjoys one of the most solar energy collection friendly landscapes in the world. The long hours of constant sunshine available here has led European alternative energy financiers to predict that solar energy technology could become mainstream in two years time. In fact, Abu Dhabi is currently building a plant with an annual production of cells capable of generating 10 megawatts and has plans to build another 100 megawatt solar thermal plant, in Madinat Zayed. The Dubai government has also announced plans to set up of one of the world’s largest solar cells production facility.

As Alubond’s stellar performance in New Mexico City shows, the UAE based solar panel manufacturer is perfectly poised to meet the solar energy needs of the region and make an impact on the global solar energy needs.

Mulk holdings has evolved their product portfolio to reflect the energy needs of tomorrow and are the sole Middle Eastern and European manufacturers and distributors of Alubond Solar Collector Mirrors. The company offers not just solar collector panels, but the entire support equipment to offer a one stop solution for Solar Trough power generation systems.

The entire product range can be viewed on Alubond’s website

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